ALL AMERICAN LABS is an industry leading team dedicated solely to toxicology testing. We are focused on delivering the most accurate results possible to our clients. Our lab specializes in providing comprehensive, quantitative drug and alcohol testing for addiction treatment facilities and other medical professionals nationwide.

At ALL AMERICAN LABS, you will get a quicker standard turn-around time on confirmation than you would expect with other leading laboratories.

Our testing methods are always one step ahead when it comes to technology and the science of toxicology testing.


ALL AMERICAN LABS uses the latest in technology to provide our clients with the accuracy, compliance and speed necessary when it comes to laboratory testing for Addiction and Pain Management.

Olympus AU480 Chemistry Analyzer

The Olympus AU480 combines great instrument versatility thru advanced throughput capacity and functionality; the instrument is used primarily for all qualitative drug screens to include Drugs of Abuse and pertinent Biological/Validity markers.

AB Sciex Triple Quad 4500MD

The Triple Quad(tm) 4500MD system offers best-in-class selectivity, sensitivity and throughput, while maintaining the highest standards of accuracy.

P8 Solid Phase Extraction & Hamilton Microlab Starlit Liquid Autohandler

The iP8 unit from SPEware offers the latest in Solid Phase Extraction sample preparation, and when combined with the advanced capabilities of the Hamilton MicroLab Starlit, the result is increased accuracy and productivity, and greater instrument sensitivity using
With better science, a dedicated Research and Development team, and a one on one approach to your patient needs, All American Labs is changing the way testing is performed.